The maintenance or upgrading of any electrical system is best left to the professionals. The safety hazards that result from faulty or improper wiring will eventually cost you more in the long run and may even void your insurance in the event of a fire.

AGT Electric specializes in the removal and upgrading of outdated electrical systems in homes or businesses. We will periodically inspect the integrity of your new electrical system to ensure you are always running efficiently and consistently. Shortages that are caused from outdated wiring not only affect the safety of your home but the bottom line of your business.


Hiring an Electrician to Inspect Your Home


Old or improperly wired electrical systems are the third leading cause of home structural fires.
From the 1800 to 1930 most houses used knob and tube wiring which insulated wires from combustible building materials using ceramics. Today this type of electrical system is considered a fire hazard because it is not grounded.


K&T Wiring

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If you’re living in an older house or thinking of purchasing a vintage home it may be a good idea to inspect the wiring configuration. AGT Electric will remove antiquated knob and tube wiring systems and update your home to existing standards.


The Horrors of Aluminum Wiring

In the 1960’s and 1970’s aluminum wiring became quite common as the price of copper went up. Aluminum wiring is more responsive to temperature fluctuations and prone to become loose over time. This may in turn lead to a high resistance connection and become a fire hazard. If your home is wired with aluminum you may want to consult an electrician about updating your system.

The ugly . . .

Horrors of Aluminum Wiring

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