New Homes and Renovations

Our team specializes in the installation of new electrical systems in custom homes and renovations throughout Victoria BC. We strive to push the boundaries of design and creativity by offering progressive and innovative solutions to our clients.








New Services and Wiring

The integrity of your electrical system is crucial to keeping your home and family safe. Whether you’re building your dream home or renovating it is essential that your electrical system is safe and code compliant. AGT electric will ensure your new service and home wiring will meet your demands and protect your family.

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Service Upgrades

If you’re thinking of expanding your home and its current electrical system, you may need to upgrade your service to accommodate the changes. If your home exceeds the rating for your current service then you may be experience frequent and annoying breaker trips. In some cases the current service is simply old and outdated. In either case AGT electric will inspect and propose the necessary service upgrades for your home.


Heating and Ventilation

An efficient heating system begins with a well placed, properly wired, and well controlled heating system. Ensuring heat is directed, contained, and well managed will lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. AGT electric installs heating systems for a variety of homes and budgets along with state of the art thermostats and control systems. Whether its as simple as a baseboard heating system or as luxurious as in-floor heating, we will install your electrical heating system with the same professionalism and dependability. Contact us and arrange your proposal.



The lighting system of your home should should not only be functional but enhance the mood and form of your house. Illuminate the highlights of your home with our variety of residential lighting options for all tastes and budgets. Our expertise and large selection of switches, controls, and lights will offer you innovative and energy efficient lighting solutions for your home. View more of our work here. Contact us to arrange your proposal.