Creating a functional work place for customers and employees promotes workplace productivity and generates sales and customer interest. The electrical system you install in your business will determine everything from how your products are presented, to the efficiency of your workplace. AGT electric provides a variety of options for business whether your a young entrepreneur or a well established company.



If you own a retail business, lighting is the most important aspect of showcasing your products along with promoting and directing customer interest. Functional and properly placed lighting will illuminate your products and set you ahead of the competition. AGT electric will provide your business with functional and efficient lighting options for your business. Contact us and arrange your proposal today.


Commercial Wiring

Ensuring your workplace is effectively and properly wired will keep your business running smoothly. Improper wiring can be debilitating to the efficiency of your business, affecting your reputation and bottom line. AGT electric will keep your business running smoothly and ahead of your competitors. Contact us and arrange your proposal.


New Services and Upgrades

Is your business experiencing growing pains? AGT electric offers options for business owners wishing to expand their current business. Increasing the capacity of your current service will allow you to install more appliances and electrical utilities increasing throughput and sales. Don’t allow yourself to fall behind because of an inadequate service. Contact us and arrange a proposal.